Scientific documentations, off-prints and case reports
Scientific documentations, off-prints and case reports

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Literature Overview, November 2017
CAMLOG and Science cover
CAMLOG and Science
Length, Diameter, Time – which factors affect treatment
Peters F., Wanner H.
Edentulous patients – an overview of different forms of treatment on CAMLOG® implants
Peters F., Wanner H.
Effects of Repeated Manual Disassembly and Reassembly on the Positional Stability of Various Implant-Abutment Complexes: An Experimental Study
Semper W., Heberer S., Mehrhof J., Schink T., Nelson K.
Implant-Supported Maxillary Overdentures Retained with Milled Bars: Maxillary Anterior Versus Maxillary Posterior Concept – a Retrospective Study
Krennmair G., Krainhöfner M., Schmid-Schwap M., Piehslinger E.
Three-Year Treatment Outcomes with Three Brands ff Implants Placed in the Posterior Maxilla And Mandible of Partially Edentulous Patients
Ozkan Y., Ozcan M., Akoglu B., Ucankale M., Kulak-Ozkan Y.

Special Prints

Preservation of Crestal Bone Level at Non-Submerged CAMLOG Titanium Implants with Standard or Platform Switched Confi Guration
Becker J. et al.
Augmentation Techniques – the Basis of Aesthetic Success in Implant Dentistry
Cacaci C.
Implant Placement and Immediate Final Rehabilitation
Kirsch A. et al.
Functional Evaluation of Screw Implants in Combination with Reduced-diameter Abutments
Masur R. et al.

Case Reports

The esthetic zone
Ackermann K-L, Nagel R.
The Early Abutment Technique
Beschnidt M.
Full arch reconstruction of the edentulous maxilla
Cacaci C.
Implant  Replacement of a Fractured Incisor
Hunt P.
Minimally Invasive Immediate Implantation in Region 22
Iglhaut G.
Oral Rehabilitation with CAMLOG Implants
Minagawa H.
Oral Rehabilitation with CAMLOG implants
Minagawa H.
Another String to Our Bow
Normand E.
Replacement of a Single Front Tooth
Replacement of a Single Front Tooth
Randelzhofer P.
Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
Simeone P.
Immediate Loading in the Edentulous Mandible
Spieckermann J, Glase U.
Systematic Implantprosthetic Rehabilitation
Stimmelmayr M.
Implant Navigation with the Template Technique in Severe Bone Atrophy
Stricker A.
Immediate Single Implant with Screw-Retained Immediate Restoration
Vadillo J M.
Prosthetic Rehabilitation with Bimaxillary Implant-supported Fixed Dental Prostheses Using the CAMLOG® Vario SR System
Finotti M.