The alternative with conical connection

CONELOG® Implants – the alternative with conical connection

The alternative with conical connection

The CONELOG® Implant System comes with a user-friendly conical implant-abutment connection with integrated platform switching. As in the CAMLOG® Implant System, three grooves let the user know when the abutment is positioned correctly. The self-locking cone makes positioning of the abutments simple and accurate.

Another commonality is the SCREW-LINE outer geometry. The same instrumentation can be used to prepare the implant bed for CONELOG® and CAMLOG® SCREW-LINE implants.

Benefits at a glance

  • Consistently prosthetically-oriented implant system
  • Extended range of indications through 7 mm CONELOG® implant
  • Implant-abutment connection with self-locking cone geometry for outstanding transfer of force and torque
  • Integrated platform switching


The CONELOG® Implant System

Conical connection and easy handling
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CONELOG® Implant System

System overview
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